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July 28, 2011 / hackinginquiry

Hacked Off statement on Guardian’s Sara Payne story

The Hacked Off Campaign is shocked and saddened to learn that Operation Weeting has found evidence to suggest Sara Payne was targeted by private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who held her personal details.

Sara Payne, alongside her charity Phoenix Chief Advocates, is a supporter of our campaign for a good public inquiry into phone hacking and our thoughts are with her at this time.

Martin Moore, Director of the Media Standards Trust and founder of Hacked Off, said: “This new revelation, which indicates breathtaking hypocrisy and a complete lack of moral sense, underlines the importance of full exposure of what was happening at the News of the World and a need for the judicial inquiry to start work on this aspect of their investigation as soon as possible.”



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  1. Dee Speers / Jul 28 2011 5:15 pm

    The need for probity is now urgent and no stone must be left unturned. This is resembling Orwells Animal Farm and to regain some decency and humanity we must see a fully transparent inquiry carried out with great integrity. How dare anyone think this is acceptable behaviour…..also letting down ethical colleagues!

  2. Clare Davies / Jul 28 2011 9:28 pm

    The MPs are on holiday now and who, apart from campaigners like your good selves at Hacked Off, is keeping the pressure on? I’ll be writing to my MP, Angus Robertson, again tomorrow to seek answers of what his party is doing. We can’t let these people off the hook.

    I just have this fear that everything is going to go cold and all the momentum will be lost.

    I beg everyone to keep writing.

    BTW – I’ve still not had a response from Jeremy Hunt or his office after writing to him about BSkyB over a month ago. Anyone else had the same negative reaction?

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